Bug #3943

CR-1714: sogod crashed with SIGSEGV in objc_msg_lookup()

Added by Zentyal Bug Reporter 5 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

Component:openchange Version:Unknown


Components: SOGo

Stacktrace top 5 functions:

objc_msg_lookup (receiver=0x7ffc49b34cc0, op=0x7fda9c2757b0 <_OBJC_SELECTOR_TABLE+240>) at /build/buildd/gcc-4.8-4.8.4/src/libobjc/sendmsg.c:448
-[UIxMailFolderActions moveMessagesAction] (self=0x7fdaabd236c8, _cmd=0x7fdaac09d260) at UIxMailFolderActions.m:407
-[SoActionInvocation callOnObject:withPositionalParametersWhenNotNil:inContext:] (self=0x7fdaabfa7ed8, _cmd=<optimized out>, _client=<optimized out>, _positionalArgs=0x0, _ctx=0x7fdaabc40958) at SoActionInvocation.m:300
-[SoObjectMethodDispatcher dispatchInContext:] (self=0x7fdaabfc63b8, _cmd=<optimized out>, _ctx=0x7fdaabc40958) at SoObjectMethodDispatcher.m:191
-[SoObjectRequestHandler handleRequest:inContext:session:application:] (self=0x7fdaab83c858, _cmd=<optimized out>, _rq=<optimized out>, _ctx=0x7fdaabc40958, _sn=<optimized out>, app=<optimized out>) at SoObjectRequestHandler.m:584

Crash file: 9496_usr_sbin_sogod.107.crash.gz

Distro Release: Ubuntu 14.04


#1 Updated by Zentyal Bug Reporter 5 months ago

A new duplicate has been found: 9497_usr_sbin_sogod.107.crash.gz

Distro Release: Ubuntu 14.04

#3 Updated by Zentyal Bug Reporter 5 months ago

  • Priority changed from Normal to Minor

#4 Updated by Zentyal Bug Reporter 4 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

This crash has not been reproduced for a long time. Rejecting it.

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